I usually take lots of pictures of miniatures I make while making them and when they're finished, mainly to keep a photo diary for myself, but also to explain how I make things, in case anyone's interested.
However, I've made some "DIY" pages as well, and I will probably occasionally make more, so I decided to make a little submenu for them - this page.

Click on these links to see the projects:

Office chair
Quick and easy chair for your miniature office.

Pet stuff
Some easy pet related FIMO items.

Pom pom teddy bears
How to make cute little teddy bears and other soft toys, using pom poms.

Easy houseplants
Make lovely plants of aquarium accessories, landscaping material, etc.

Advent Calendar
Printable advent calendar and instructions on how to put it together.

Christmas Flags
Very easy and quick way to make Christmas decorations for your dollhouse.

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